The Indestructible Drone

Did you or someone you know get a drone this past year? It is estimated that 2.5 million drones were sold in 2016. Based on the stories I’ve heard from new buyers I have to wonder how many are still operational. For those that have trouble keeping their drone above ground and operational, the Nimbus is the drone for you. From all I’ve seen, this drone is literally indestructible. Carbon fiber construction is the backbone of its strength. Do you have a tendency to run your drone into a brick wall, no problem. Have you dipped your drone in water, no problem. Having a hard time keeping your drone out of snow drifts, no problem. Have you accidentally run over your drone, no problem. Is your current drone too slow, no problem, as the Nimbus can go 100 mph. Check out this video showing the capabilities of the Nimbus ($490 msrp).

Learn more about the Nimbus from the manufacture:

Learn even more about the Nimbus:

What to be part of the Nimbus crowd funding:

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