CNN Now Using Drones

See how CNN is now using drone footage as part of their broadcasts.

Today (7/7/16) CNN reported that the death toll from the recent Baghdad bombing has reached 292. The blast was so destructive that 177 of the victims will require DNA testing for identification. There were another 200 injured in this ISIS attack.

Journalism (particularly TV, newspaper to some extent) has used photos and videos to tell the story. Both photos and videos are powerful. We understand the story quickly through these images. Drone images can provide yet another perspective. We are now seeing CNN utilize drones. My hope is that there will be even more to come.

This whole concept of integrating drones into journalism is part of a local effort. Did you know that the University of Nebraska at Lincoln has a Drone Journalism Lab ( Professor Matt Waite established the lab in 2011 “as part of a broad digital journalism and innovation strategy”. I applaud Professor Waite for all of his efforts.

Comments from DroneChatr: It is exciting to see the ever increasing use of drones in our society. From time to time I’ll be sharing stories about the use (and misuse) of drones. Perhaps you’ve run across an interesting story that involves a drone. I’d love to hear about it! Please share.

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