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Welcome to Drone Chatr!  Launched in 2016 Drone Chatr is an aerial photography and video company based in Omaha, Nebraska. Our pilots are certified FAA drone pilots. As an added measure of safety they also hold private pilots license. If you’d like to have us quote a drone project, just tell us a little about it and we’ll get right back to you.

If you enjoy the chatr (chatter) of drone blades, then you’ll enjoy what Drone Chatr has to offer.  We’ll chatr about drones on topics such as:

– drone regulations
– the safe use of drones
– the commercial use of drones
– impressive drone videos and pictures
– some of our personal drone experiences

Below you’ll find some of our more recent blog posts.  You’re welcome to stay in touch through our social media links or email list. Enjoy the site and join into the conversation.

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