Hands Free Umbrella

We are all familiar with the term “hands free”. The most common application is when we are driving. Hand free technology allows us to safely make a phone call while continuing to drive. There is a new product that takes hands free to an entirely different application. Drones Direct is a UK company that is now selling a hands free umbrella. Just think of all the things you could do while walking in the rain. The graphic below from Drones Direct shows how you can enjoy your coffee while talking on or using your phone when out in the rain.

They are available for order here: https://www.dronesdirect.co.uk/p/rainp4/hands-free-umbrella-drone-follows-you-and-keeps-you-dry . Using today’s conversion rate, the price is over $1,600 US dollars. Why are we talking about this on a drone blog, because the product is just like the top photo. It is an umbrella placed atop a Phantom 4 drone. Using the Phantom’s follow me technology it provides you rain protection.

Here is a bit of a sarcastic review from Forbes of the project: http://www.forbes.com/sites/geoffreymorrison/2017/01/24/the-umbrella-drone-is-the-most-ridiculous-thing-youll-see-today-but-i-want-one/#171bd08e296c

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