Got our own Set of Blades

It felt like we got our own set of wheels, but with drones it is all about blades. Before I get to the point where we pulled the trigger on the purchase, let me set the stage.

On my last post I noted that our nephew was responsible for stirring our interest in drones. He had been sharing much of his handiwork and we enjoyed each of them. In May of this year he graduated from high school. After attending graduation he let us see his latest drone (with a total of four, that means the other three were left in the ‘garage’). Very impressive, both the equipment and the pilot. Loved seeing him fly it with such ease. We also got to see him do video editing on an iPad Mini. I didn’t even know that was possible. After this Western Nebraska visit we knew the Phantom 4 (pictured above) was what we ‘needed’.

I’m slightly embarrassed to provide full disclosure about the evening of the purchase, as it shines a spotlight on my nerdiness. On June 1 we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. It was actually my lovely wife during our anniversary dinner that suggested we go out and purchase the drone that night … CHECK! Man, I love this woman. This isn’t the first time something like this happened on our anniversary. Our first iPad was purchased on the night of an anniversary celebration. We’d had the Phantom 4 for nearly a month and love it. Can’t wait to celebrate our 31st.

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