Gatekeeper of the Highland Cemetery

Recently my wife and I were returning from Kansas City after the birth of our second grandchild. I was informed that this was an ideal opportunity for us to visit Hamilton, Missouri. This small town of around 1,700 people has 12 quilt shops. You heard me correct, a dozen quilt shops in one small town (a quilt shop for every 77 residents).

What is a loving husband to do in this situation? Should I support my wife by accompanying her through each and every quilt shop? Perhaps it is best that I let her go alone in order to give her peace and quiet so as to seriously considers all the opportunities before her. Ya, let’s go with that one. Since I had my drone with me I went with the latter option, for her sake of course.

Hamilton not only has a high number of quilt shops, they also have two awesome drone flyover opportunities. Today I’m sharing one of them with you. Tomorrow’s post will show the other.

Highland Cemetery’s entrance is just on your way into town. It has three amazing features. One feature is something you’d likely only notice from the air. A portion of it is in a unique circular pattern (check it out in the video). The other features are a beautiful sculpture that serves as a gatekeeper of the cemetery (pictured above) and the last is a magnificent tree lined entrance. I respectfully share with you Highland Cemetery in Hamilton, Missouri.

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