Drones and Product Promotion

It was just a matter of time, but we are now beginning to see the use of drones in advertising. I had envisioned drone advertising in ways that are similar to the planes with banners or hovering blimps. I’ll be honest, the way in which this company promoted their product is something I would not have imagined.  Having said that it shows that anything you can image is possible and that ideas like this just might be the next wave of advertising.

Nivea is a skin care product company. Sunscreen is one of their product lines. CNET recently reported that they developed a drone in the likeness of a sea gull that “releases” sunscreen in a pooping like manner on children that need it.  Using a UV camera it hunts for those children that need the sunscreen most.  There goal was to make sunscreen fun to wear.

So how did it go over?  The kids found it fun, but what kid doesn’t like body functions that include gross noises and actions.  The parents were not excited about a sea gull putting (or pooping) sunscreen on their kids.  In the end Nivea decided to abandon the idea.  That may have been a wise move, but this story shows that anything you can imagine is possible with drone advertising.  While this was not a successful venture, the next attempt could go viral.  In fact the traditional ways of advertising may not be the most effective form of advertising in the near future.

See it in action through this video.

Comments from DroneChatr: It is exciting to see the ever increasing use of drones in our society. From time to time I’ll be sharing stories about the use (and misuse) of drones. Perhaps you’ve run across an interesting story that involves a drone. I’d love to hear about it! Please share.

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