Drones are ‘Here to Help’ with your Fitness

If I told you drones can assist with your fitness, would you believe me? I’m assuming you are as shocked as I was.  The truth is there are several ways they can help. The future will probably provide many more fitness applications:

  • Active Tracking – This is a feature on our drone (Phantom 4).  It is able to follow you as you exercise.  See an example pictured above.  The drone is able to automatically follow the runner.  While running is shown here (running happens to be my personal favorite way to exercise) it could also be used for biking, skiing, etc.  The drone is on auto-pilot.  Your “work out buddy” is able to video you throughout your workout (within battery limitations) so that you can analyze your posture, technique, etc. you two are all done.  Some even say it motivates them to exercise more frequently.  I’m unable to personally confirm that.  ;-(  See it in action.
  • drone_tennisHere to Serve by Improving your Serve – Are you an avid tennis player looking to improve your serve to the level of a professional?  Look no further than the ‘Drone-ovic’ (pictured here). There seems to be an implication that it will take you to Novak Djokovic’s level (it could happen, but some might call it text book marketing).  If you are using it, let me know if it helps.  See it in action.
  • Helping the Disabled – Researchers at the University of Nevada in Reno are in the early stages of developing a drone that provides a safe path for blind runners.  Cameras analyze the path and then emit sounds to guide the runners.  While the product can help all visually impaired athletes, there is an unfortunately high number that suffer from obesity.  This drone will help them make this type of exercising possible for the visually impaired.

Comments from DroneChatr: It is exciting to see the ever increasing use of drones in our society. From time to time I’ll be sharing stories about the use (and misuse) of drones. Perhaps you’ve run across an interesting story that involves a drone. I’d love to hear about it! Please share.

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