Drone nesting coming to a street light near you. Birds, scoot over.

  • http://www.suasnews.com/2016/07/amazon-patents-special-drone-housing-in-the-sky/
  • http://www.siliconbeat.com/2016/07/18/110249/
  • Amazon-SkynestThe pecking order in the areal world just changed.  Move over feathered friends.  You just got new neighbors.  Amazon has been awarded a patent that allows street light nests for their drones.  These can be put on other areal structures as well.  Here is a photo showing the idea.  Additional details are in the links above.

    The 2014 patent application indicates these sky nests could be used for a variety of tasks.

    • recharging a drone
    • refueling a drone
    • downloading navigational information to a drone
    • serving as a package handling station
    • serving as a delivery hub

    While this is a major step forward for Amazon, they still have some work to do with regulators.  Here are some of their package delivery challenges with the new regulations that become effective next month.

    • 14 CRF part 107.23 – No person may: (b) Allow an object to be dropped from a small unmanned aircraft in a manner that creates an undue hazard to persons or property.
    • 14 CFR part 107.31 – (a) With vision that is unaided by any device other than corrective lenses, the remote pilot in command … must be able to see the unmanned aircraft throughout the entire flight

    Perhaps they have a ‘flock’ of patent applications on file to deal with these challenges (did you get it).  It may take more time for their entire system design to fully ‘hatch’.  😉

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