Drone Chatr is now Commercial!

On August 29, 2016 (a week ago today) the new FAA rules related to small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS, commonly referred to as drones) came into effect. While there are many aspects to the rules, the major change is that you no longer need to be a manned aircraft pilot to be a commercial drone operator. Prior to last week you needed specific FAA approval, as well as a manned aircraft pilots license to be a commercial drone operator and/or business. As a manned pilot DroneChatr applied for FAA approval in June of this year. Shortly there after the FAA proposed the rules that became effective last week. In lieu of the manned pilots license the FAA now asks that you successfully pass a remote pilot in command certification examination. On the first day possible (August 29, 2016) DroneChatr successfully passed the exam. As a result we’ve entered commercial operation. We are now open for business. How may we help you? Do you have real estate you’d like to show from above. How about a special event that you’d like to record, i.e. a wedding, a special gathering or celebration? Could you see some drone use in your business? Contact us and we’ll get together to discuss how DroneChatr might be able to help you. In the meantime we’ll continue to show you our capabilities in a variety of areas through this blog. Thanks for being part of the DroneChatr blog.

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