When the Drone Blades Started to Turn …

This being my first blog post for Drone Chatr I thought it would be best to start from the beginning. How did my interest in drones get started? When did the first turning of the drone blades start stirring my interest? There is an easy answer to these questions. It all started with my wife’s nephew. He lives in Western Nebraska and is a huge drone enthusiast. I believe he owns all four DJI Phantom drones. Sounds like some are in better shape than others. ;-( Over time I’ve seen some amazing things from his high school senior (he has graduated … more about that on a future post). Here are just a few:
Baling Hay




Moving Cattle




Many thanks to Lee (@LeeJesp), our nephew, for getting the drone blades turning in me. I look forward to the journey ahead to see where Drone Chatr flies off to from here.
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